Console.WriteLine("Hello there!");
// hooray, code snippets!

In an effort to put more thoughts down on paper and build a professional brand, I decided to re-vamp my personal site with more of a blog format. I chose to use Jekyll, a Ruby static-site generator, because:

  • Given my bouts of idleness, while I want more control than a WordPress site, I don’t want to think too hard.
  • Further, I want to focus on writing, with a little bit of customization.
  • I wanted to put my work into source control.
  • Ruby is different from my typical experience, so working a little outside of my wheelhouse is fun.

I decided on the theme “people, process, tools” because, in the past couple of years, problems I’ve encountered seemed to categorize into one of those three buckets. I’ve had opportunities to work with interesting, wonderful people in a variety of settings and seen seasons of harmony and collaboration as well as dissonance and friction. I’ve seen where processes empower folks and where they become detrimental to success. And I’ve worked with a good number of technologies- some I’m a fan of, some I didn’t apply myself to enough to understand, and some were annoying. Missing are methodologies, concepts, and principles. Those have a place, sometimes in those buckets, and sometimes not. I’ll probably write about them from time to time, but at least for now, I’ll try to focus on those three buckets.

A quick search reveals that “people, process, tools” is apparently a framework that has existed since the 1960s, which would explain why some seasoned colleagues were the ones that first introduced me to the phrase. I think the framework, while perhaps over-simplified, still has weight and relevance today.

I’m excited to write more. Thanks for reading.

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